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New Applications

21/00919/PDAD  Prior approval for conversion of agricultural building into 3no. larger dwellinghouse (use class C3) and associated works including demolition of adjacent agricultural building.  High Meadow, Shurdington Road, Shurdington.



Pending Applications with Parish Council Comments

21/00738/LBC  Restore/repair side chapel valley gutter and installation of additional rainwater downpipe with associated extension to drains.  St John Chrysostom Greek Orthodox Church, St Peters Church, Crickley Hill, Witcombe. NO OJECTION

21/00767/FUL.  Erection of a two storey side and rear extension.  The Kneelings, Dog Lane, Witcombe. NO OBJECTION 

21/00668/FUL. Erection of rear dormer extension and loft conversion at 35 Lambert Avenue, Shurdington. NO OBJECTION

21/00711/PIP Permission in Principle for one dwelling.  Ingleside, Dog Lane, Witcombe. 

The Parish Council OBJECTS to this application on the following grounds:

  1. The development site is within the Green Belt and would therefore constitute inappropriate development. The proposed development cannot be regarded as infill development within a Village. The site is outside the principal settlement area of  the hamlet known as Bentham. Neither Little Witcombe or Bentham have been classified as Service Villages.
  2. The development would have an adverse impact on the surrounding Green Belt landscape. The removal of the existing building and the erection of a new dwelling would result in a significant visual change.
  3. The development site is within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which provides the highest level of protection against development.
  4. The proposed development is not sustainable. There is no public transport, schools, shops and public services within close proximity  to the proposed development. Private transport would therefore be needed to obtain or make use of such services.


21/00278/FUL  Removal of condition c) of planning application ref number T. 6542/D 20/9/79 at Keans Croft, Bamfurlong Lane, Staverton. NO OBJECTION 

21/00383/FUL  Erection of a greenhouse for domestic use.  Willow Farm, Green Lane, Witcombe.  NO OBJECTION

21/00282/FUL  Erection of a two storey side extension, first floor extension, front porch extension and remodelling of bungalow (re-submission). Elm Gardens, Badgeworth Road, Badgeworth. Detailed response No objection to overall size as within permitted development limits. Objection though to obstruction of public footpath ABA5

21/00309/FUL  Removal/Variation of condition 2 of the planning application ref number 18/01059/FUL.  Badgebrook, Badgeworth LaneNO OBJECTION

21/00271/FUL  Erection of a two storey side extension, dormer extension and erection of a detached garage at Oaklands, Badgeworth Lane, Badgeworth. NO OBJECTION subject to Tewkesbury Borough Council being satisfied that there are no issues with volume of the development in relation to the original build volume of the property.

20/00658/FUL  Change of use existing outbuildings to a dwelling with the erection of link extensions, associated landscaping and parking (as amended).  Windy Farm, Bentham. SUPPORT

21/00088/FUL.  Removal/Variation of condition 1 of the planning application ref number 16/01285/FUL.  Brookside Stables, Cold Pool Lane, Badgeworth. Detailed comments – this application be refused but that consideration could be given to a further temporary approval until a suitable permanent site is found.

21/00003/FUL – Conversion of existing barns into 3No. dwellings.  Bentham Manor, Dog Lane, Witcombe. NO OBJECTION to residential in principle, but echo objections of County Highways regarding the access on narrow lanes.

20/00619/FUL  Change of use and conversion of an existing agricultural building into holiday accommodation.  Halfpenny Farm Cold Pool Lane Badgeworth. Badgeworth Parish Council has NO OBJECTION 


Planning Application Decisions

(see Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning Portal for full details)

21/00321/FUL  Erection of a single storey side extension.  The Haven, Little Shurdington. TBC decision – PERMIT 4/6/21

21/00420/FUL  Erection of a single storey rear extension at 1 Mill Corner, Mill Lane, Witcombe. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision – PERMIT 26/5/21

21/00157/FUL  Replacement of existing agricultural building for continuation of bee farming activities. High Meadow, Shurdington Road, Shurdington. SUPPORT. TBC decision – PERMIT 7/5/21

20/01225/FUL  Section 73 application for the variation of conditions 2 and 4 to amend the proposal for the retention of the building proposed to be demolished under application 19/00444/FUL and the removal of condition 5 of 19/00444/FUL.  Wenallt, Badgeworth Lane, Badgeworth. DO NOT SUPPORT REMOVAL OF CONDITION. TBC decision – REFUSE 26/5/21

21/00010/CLE Certificate of Lawfulness for the use of the dwellinghouse for a period of more than 10 years by persons not employed or last employed solely or mainly and locally in agriculture.  Little Syringa Farm, Sandy Pluck Lane, Bentham. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision – GRANT CERTIFICATE 10/5/21

21/00334/FUL  Erection of a detached garage with studio over.  The Sheiling, Badgeworth Lane, Badgeworth. No objection, subject to the planning department confirming that the proposed development will not take the extend the overall  volume outside permissible limits in relation to the original build volume. The planning authority may wish to satisfy itself that the ridge height of the new garage is acceptable, particularly as it has to accommodate additional accommodation in the form of a studio. TBC decision – REFUSE 11/5/21

21/00260/FUL  Erection of single storey rear extension and rear dormer windows.  2 Richmond Cottages, Badgeworth Lane, Badgeworth. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision PERMIT 30/4/21

21/00267/FUL  Erection of a front porch. 33 Bryerland Road, Witcombe. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision PERMIT 20/4/21

20/00221/FUL Redevelopment of Bentham Country Club to a Climbing Park with the
erection of Climbing Centre building, replacement multi-use dome, high rope with zip line course and ancillary guest accommodation. Bentham Country Club, Bentham Lane
Bentham. PC had NO OBJECTION but with reservations – no zip wire, reduce opening hours, highway issues, guest accommodation & lighting. TBC decision PERMIT 9/4/21. Detailed conditions.

20/00950/FUL  Demolition of an existing Class B8 storage and distribution building and erection of a single dwelling.  Yew Tree Farm Little Shurdington Badgeworth Parish Council has NO OBJECTION. TBC decision – PERMIT 16/3/21

20/01153/PIP  Permission in Principle for the erection of 1 No. dwelling and associated access.  Land adjacent to Hazemore, Bamfurlong Lane, Staverton: OBJECT . Application WITHDRAWN

20/01162/FUL Erection of single storey front, side and rear extensions and first floor extension. Jalna Badgeworth Lane Badgeworth: NO OBJECTION.  Application WITHDRAWN

20/01086/PDAD Prior approval for conversion of agricultural building into 3no. larger dwellinghouse (use class C3) and associated building operations.  Farm Buildings at Cold Pool Lane, Badgeworth. Badgeworth Parish Council had NO OBJECTION . Application WITHDRAWN

20/00931/FUL Partial redevelopment.  Gloucestershire Constabulary Bamfurlong Lane Staverton. Badgeworth Parish Council SUPPORTS this application subject to compliance with plans. TBC decision 5/3/21. PERMIT

20/00592/FUL  Erection of a replacement dwelling.  Hambrook Cold Pool Lane Badgeworth. OBJECT – detailed reasons. Application WITHDRAWN

20/00886/FUL  Erection of a single detached dwellinghouse with associated parking and landscaping.  The Old Orchard Land East Of Badgeworth Manor, Badgeworth End, Badgeworth. The Parish Council raised NO OBJECTION with caveats. TBC decision 25/1/21 – REFUSE

20/01213/TPO  TPO 375 G2 1no Common Lime (Tilia Europea) Crown Reduction Works Specification Shape and balance.  6 Poppy Meadow Close Witcombe. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision 25/1/21 – CONSENT

20/01101/TPO  TPO 375 G1 Three trees as part of this group. Two Horse Chestnut & one Lime Tree as described in work specification to carry out Crown Reduction Works height reduction of 3m and spread by 2m. Cutting back to strong suitable secondary growth. Shape and balance.  5 Poppy Meadow Close Witcombe. NO OBJECTION. TBC decision 4/1/21 CONSENT

20/00658/FUL  Change of use existing outbuildings to a dwelling with the erection of link extensions, associated landscaping and parking.  Windy Farm Bentham. Badgeworth Parish Council SUPPORTS this application. TBC decision – PERMIT  4/12/20

20/00596/FUL  Erection of a single storey side and rear extension and remodelling of bungalow at Hillview, Badgeworth Lane, Badgeworth. The Parish Council raised NO OBJECTION to this application subject to caveats. TBC decision – PERMIT 12/11/20

20/00540/FUL  Demolition of existing barn, byre and pig pens and replacement with single dwelling (revised application of 18/00568/FUL in terms of siting and design).  Dog Lane, Witcombe. SUPPORT, given the fact that approval was given by Tewkesbury BC to previous planning application. Detailed response can be found on the planning portal of Tewkesbury Borough Council. WITHDRAWN

20/00779/FUL  Erection of single storey front and side extensions. Greenway Cottage Little Shurdington. PC comments – NO OBJECTION. TBC decision – PERMIT 10/11/20

20/00976/PIP  Permission in principle application for the erection of up to 5no dwellings.  Land At Longlands Shurdington Road. PC comments – detailed OBJECTION. TBC decision – REFUSE 18/11/20

20/00868/FUL  Erection of a second storey side extension and loft conversion at Orchard Farm Bentham – TBC decision: PERMIT 10/11/20

20/00669/FUL  Erection of a two storey side extension at The Lodge, Dryhill Farm, Crickley Hill. TBC decision: Permit 20/10/20

20/00132/FUL – Creation of a new pedestrian gate at Marlborough Cottage, Birdlip Hill.
PC comment: The Parish Council SUPPORT subject to protection of trees. TBC decision: PERMIT 16th July 2020

20/00370/FUL Erection of a single storey extension at Bluebell Farm, Cold Pool Lane, Badgeworth. PC Comment: NO OBJECTIONTBC decision: PERMIT 6th May 2020

20/00312/FUL – Erection of a replacement conservatory at Owls Barn, Badgeworth Lane,
Badgeworth. PC comment: SUPPORT . TBC decision: PERMIT. 4 June 2020


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